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    • 70mΩ 分流器
    • 70mΩ 分流器
    70mΩ 分流器70mΩ 分流器

    70mΩ 分流器

    • 額定阻值范圍:70mΩ
    • 環境條件:-40~+80℃,相對濕度:≤80%(35℃)
    • 溫升:額定電流下持續2小時溫升變化趨于穩定后,額定電流100A以下溫升不超過80K;額定電流100A以上溫升不超過100K
    • 過負載性能:120%額定電流值,2小時
    • 溫漂系數:≤40ppm
    • 在線訂購

    1. Use: The fixed shunt is used to extend the measuring current range of meters.
    2.Application:Inverter, Servo-drive Motor, Wind Power, Photovoltaic New Energy, Switching Power Supply, Power Supply, Telecomm Power Supply, Smart Grid, Instrumentation, CNC Machine tools, Injection Molding Machine, Elevator, Robot, Electric Locomotive, Automobile, Motorcycle, Welding Equipment and other industries.
    3.Main Technology parameters:
    1)Rated voltage range:
    2)Environmental conditions: -25 ~ +40 ℃, relative humidity≤80% (35℃)
    3)Temperature rise: Electrify the shunt with rated current for 2hr, test it after temperature rising stable, the temperature rise should be≤80K when the rated current under 100A; and should be ≤120K when the rated current higher than 100A.
    4)Overload performance: 120% of rated current for 2hours.
    5)Thermoelectric potential influence: no higher than 50% of the index level.
    4.Applicable standards:
    GB/T7676-1998《Direct-acting Indicating Analogue Electrical Measuring Meters and Accessories》
    (IEC 51-9《Direct-acting Indicating Analogue Electrical Measuring Meters and Accessories Section 9: Recommended test method》)
    JB/T9288-1999《Enclosed Shunt》
    IEC610101-1:2001《Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipments of Measuring, Controlling and Lab using》
    SJ/T11363-2006《Limit Requirements for Toxic and Harmful Substances in Electronic Information Products》

    Model Number Definition

    Specification download:

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